Science Park Jönköping

About Science Park Jönköping

Science Park is a meeting point for knowledge-intensive companies and dynamic business innovators seeking to explore new business opportunities in the Jönköping area. The facilities are located at the heart of the world famous entrepreneurial spirit of our region, and close by the progressive and expansive Jönköping University.
As well as having a good business concept, any business venture must be based on a spirit of entrepreneurship, and the availability of an established infrastructure to secure future growth and development. That is where Science Park finds part of its mission. But we also offer qualified business development services. Every company has access to a coach and a variety of external expertise in the early stages of the business venture. As the company grows Science Park offer other services such as seed capital, legal advise or help with patent issues.
Contact CEO of Science Park Therese Sjölundh
Phone: +46 (0)36-10 03 10
Cell: +46 (0)70 347 86 87
E-mail: therese.sjolundh(at)

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