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Listing Options for Ancillary Entities

For public and private Entities which provide goods and services to Business and Industrial Parks and their Tenant Companies.


Show up Better in Search Results

Your Entity is More Easily Found on the Internet

by Listing in our Unique Directory
Potential clients and partners are looking for you!

x x x

Help Promote Your Products and Services, Too!

Your products and services can now be found!

x x x

Cross-Linking Icon Available
Cross-linking helps search results

- x x

Top Search Placement
Show up highest in internet search results with an

individual webpage optimized for search engines

- - Unique Design

Search Engine Optimization

Additional SEO tools

- - x
Marketing Features

Website Link
Link directly to your existing website

x x x

Marketing Description
Describe the unique attributes of your Entity

- Standard Unique Design

Key Contact Information
Display detailed contact information for your Entity

- x x

Business or Industrial Park Affiliation

Ideal for Hotels and other Entities located near

a business or industrial park.  Consultants and

logistics companies may select a regional or

global affiliation.  VIKTOR - IS THIS POSSIBLE??

x x x

ISIC Codes
Use the UN's International Standard Industrial Classification

to identify your Entity's activities

- x x

Enhance your image by displaying your logo

- x x

Display photos of your Entity or products

- 3 Unique Design

Provide brochures and promotional information

- 3 Unique Design

Add informative videos about your Entity

- - Unique Design

Recommendations for Visitors
Provide travel and activity suggestions to those visiting your
Hotel or Offices

- - x

Post your Entity's job openings

- - x

News and Press Releases
Your Entity's news also appears on GBP's Newspage

- - x

Collaboration and Key Projects

List desired areas of collaboration and key projects

that will attract clients and partners

- - x
Enjoy Customer Support

Receive reports on your Listing views




Email/Phone Assistance
One-on-one support of your Listing





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