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iBridge is an Information Bridge as well as an International Bridge. iBridge is your bridge, his bridge, her bridge, my bridge, and a bridge shared by all of us. iBridge is a platform service website constructed with the investment of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, with a view to providing an interactive service platform to businesses,organizations,experts,governmental departments in the park, and serving as a bridge for Chinese businesses to go international, and for foreign businesses to enter China for development.

  • iBridge is a non-profit one-stop service platform focused on figuring out how to enable Chinese businesses to "go international".  
  • iBridge is a one-stop network mode service platform aiming to serve businesses and help Chinese businesses "go international".
  • iBridge is a platform committed to providing services to governments, businesses, organizations and expert members.
  • iBridge is a platform intended for the implementation of e-government, e-commerce, and interaction and exchange among blogs.
  • iBridge is a transnational cooperation platform to connect networks, bring souls together, and link the world.
  • iBridge is a platform connecting the businesses in Beijing Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and every part of the world in keeping up with the international practices, contacts and developments.

The philosophy of iBridge is put forward and put into practice based on the following facts: the history of 20 years' development of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, the needs for the common developments of Haidian Science Park and the hi-tech businesses in it, Haidian Science Park's feasibility study report on "it is a must to construct an international cooperation and exchange platform", the approval in 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC that selected Haidian Science park as the pilot unit to take charge of providing one-stop services for hi-tech businesses to go international, the popular application of network in information regarding governments, businesses, social organizations and individuals, and the increasing improvement of concept, rule of law, honesty and system in all walks of the society. (Please refer to iBridge Background)
The iBridge platform on the network is actually a network established due to the practical work of the Administrative Committee of Haidian Park, especially the International Cooperation Department. For years, the International Cooperation Department of Haidian Science Park Administrative Committee has been committed to helping the businesses in the park fully make use of the policy resources and market resources inside and outside the park, domestic and foreign, overcome difficulties and go to the international market. The committee has also done a lot of work in helping domestic and overseas internationalization consultation and service agencies combine with the corporate resources of outstanding domestic businesses, and it also has a lot of practical cases. With iBridge platform ready for service, there will be more such resources, which make it possible to achieve better social effects.
The main services of iBridge: Recommend, and release (information is categorized according to different governmental, businesses, social organizations, and individual members, categorize and manage the following information: service, product, consultation, meeting, training, exhibition, talents, supply and demand) member information, develop member exchange opportunities, showcase wonderful trends of members, and increase various opportunities for members.


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