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There are over 7,000 business parks in China alone.  How does a potential investor find the best fit for their next expansion? 


Many narrow their search or make their investment based on the fact that their friend is from that city or other non-quantitative or non-qualitative reason.

Who searches GBP for Business and Industrial Parks?

  • Facility managers conducting preliminary site searches
  • Solar equipment companies looking for "rooftops"
  • Infrastructure builders and suppliers looking for partnerships
  • Anyone visiting a business park who needs information on hotels or travel logistics, etc.


Who searches GBP for Tenant Companies within Business Parks?

  • Venture Capitalists searching for their next hot deal
  • International companies looking for partnerships
  • Purchasing managers looking for suppliers
  • Salespeople visiting a company within a business park who may find another sales lead next door
  • Skilled workers looking for a new job opportunity


Who searches GBP for Ancillary Companies and Organizations which serve Business Parks?

  • Facility managers looking for maintenance products and services
  • Startup companies looking for all sorts of professional services
  • Anyone looking for logistics support services

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  • Search for real estate within Business Parks

                     and much more...

Business parks are competing for investments every day.

How to stand out among the crowd and add value for their tenant companies?

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